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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology
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SewerBatt™ delivers rapid first pass pipe surveys and cost savings

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SewerBatt™ is significantly faster than CCTV. Up to 100m in under 3 minutes.

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SewerBatt™ is maintaining the country's drainage and sewer networks

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SewerBatt™ is ideal for use in inaccessible areas

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SewerBatt™ Enables CCTV to be focussed where it is really required

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SewerBatt™ is lightweight and portable for one person operation

The benefits of SewerBatt™

Applications For Sewerbatt™

SewerBatt™ quickly and accurately assesses the serviceability of drains, sewers and other pipe networks. This prevents wasted investment by efficiently targeting CCTV surveys and sewer cleansing at pipes that have failed or have a high probability of failure.

The New Best Practice for Drains

  • The New Best Practice for Drains
  • Significantly quicker & less expensive compared to CCTV
  • Survey more of your asset base
  • Improve performance of your assets
  • Optimise maintenance frequency

Dedicated Proactive Survey Team

Post Proactive Sewer Cleansing

Reactive Repeat Blockage Prevention

Serviceability Monitoring

SewerBatt ™ delivers rapid first pass condition surveys enabling CCTV cameras to be focussed directly on areas where they are specifically required rather than being used for the whole surveying process and identifying jetting requirements immediately. On average surveying using  SewerBatt ™ can more than treble the amount of pipes covered when compared to more traditional CCTV saving both time and cost as well as allowing quicker gathering of data to assess pipe serviceability.

Post jetting surveys using SewerBatt ™ ensure that the work has achieved its desired results and that blockages and silting have been cleared to return pipes to their optimum levels of serviceability.

Using the quick to deploy SewerBatt ™ provides users with the means to repeat survey quickly and cost effectively on a regular basis.  Using original surveys as baseline data information for secondary surveys can be compared to check any deterioration in pipe serviceability and action taken if appropriate to ensure the continued effectiveness of drains and sewers.

Using the quick to deploy SewerBatt ™ provides users with the means to carry out repeat surveys quickly and cost effectively on a regular basis.  Using the original survey results as a baseline information gathered during secondary surveys can be compared to check for deterioration in pipe serviceability enabling speedy action  to be taken to ensure the continued effectiveness of drains and sewers.

Who Should Use Sewerbatt™

What Our Customers Say

the team behind SewerBatt™

  • The SewerBatt™ work won The Royal Society’s Brian Mercer Award for innovation for Prof. Horoshenkov.
  • Voted the Outstanding Innovative Product at the British Water Southern Water Innovation Day in November 2013.
  • At the Institute of Water/ Anglian Water Dragons Den event, we were given the “Silver Medal” – 2nd place out of 10 projects.
Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK) Ltd was formed as a commercial entity in February 2013 to provide the physical technology, software and field support for SewerBatt ™ the acoustic drain and sewer  surveying product which its pioneers had developed for the water and other industries needing to survey sewers and drains. The product had been developed and trialled over a period of years after the initial concept was… Read More
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