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Showtime – water industry exhibitions and conferences come thick and fast at this time of the year

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Acoustic Sensing Technology has recently exhibited at two industry exhibitions and conferences, and there has been the opportunity to visit a number of others. It very much feels like ‘Showtime’ for the water industry with events coming thick and fast.

As with most industries, there is a certain time of the year where it seems those who promote these events want to get all the major industry players together on a regular basis – to discuss and debate, to take a snapshot of how the industry is performing, and to share and gain an understanding of the challenges it faces.

From our recent experiences, and the reason we have been so active in taking part in these events this year, the picture is quite clear – the industry continues to be under pressure to deliver outstanding service levels to its customers across the spectrum, and is being challenged to do so more cost effectively than ever.

It is why businesses such as ourselves continue to develop and push the value and the benefits of innovative technology more and more as the best way to address these twin challenges; and it is why with equal enthusiasm the service providers tasked with meeting them are constantly looking for new, practical and cost effective technologies to use.

There is no doubt in my mind that for the industry to continue to push forward to be able to meet the challenges it faces, embracing technology and new working practices is vital.

We are fortunate as an industry that there are many companies in all areas of operation developing new technologies and new solutions, and that as a collective body all of us in the water sector, by working collaboratively together, can demonstrate to our customers that we have the skills and the commitment to find solutions to every challenge we face.

From what we have seen over the past weeks the industry is a very dynamic market-place. It is an exciting place to be and as Acoustic Sensing Technology we are delighted and energised by being so active within it.

Acoustic Sensing Technology has been promoting SewerBatt ™ and SewerBatt-Vision at the most recent industry exhibitions and conferences. For more information,

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