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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Executive Summary

The focus on condition assessment of gravity wastewater collection systems (sewers) continues to broaden. Traditionally, the main focus of condition assessment of sewers has been directed at operational issues related to the collection and conveyance of flows to a facility for treatment and disposal.
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

To address operational issues, attention has tended to concentrate on maintenance activities associated with the cleaning and removal of debris and foreign materials from collection system pipes. The combination of debris and extraneous wet-weather induced flows can result in less than desired levels of customer service and possibly cause raw sewage to overflow from the collection system or to result in basement backups.

Cleaning and inspecting sewer pipes is essential for utilities to operate and maintain a properly functioning system and minimize SSOs. The routine maintenance of a sewer system often includes sewer system cleaning, root removal/treatment, and cleaning/clearing of sewer mainline blockages.

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