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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Main Report

The overall objective of this EPA-funded study was to demonstrate innovative a sewer line assessment technology that is designed for rapid deployment using portable equipment.
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

This study focused on demonstration of a technology that is suitable for smaller diameter pipes (less than 12-inch diameter). The recently developed and commercially-available acoustic-based sewer pipe assessment technology demonstrated during this study was the SewerBattTM manufactured by Acoustic Sensing Technology LTD (ASTL), based in the United Kingdom.

This technology can provide a rapid assessment of the need for pipe cleaning and to detect obstructions and defects in sewer pipes. Acoustic technologies require a minimal amount of equipment when compared to traditional closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection systems. This acoustic based technology has the potential to provide information in a matter of minutes to assist an operator in determining whether a sewer pipe might be partially or fully blocked and require cleaning or renewal.

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