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Acoustic technologies supported by US EPA report

Monday, July 20th, 2015

The development of acoustic technologies has been highlighted as a key factor in the delivery of faster and more cost effective sewer surveying by a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Report.

For Acoustic Sensing Technology Ltd. the developer of SewerBatt TM , it is a further endorsement of the innovation behind their product, and confirmation of the benefits that acoustic surveying can deliver to organisations charged with responsibility for the upkeep of drain and sewer networks in the UK and worldwide.

2717_smallBusiness Development Director, Dave Cockerill, pointed to a key area in the report which concluded that ‘acoustic based technologies have the potential to provide information in a matter of minutes to assist an operator in determining whether a sewer pipe may be partially or fully blocked and require cleaning or renewal. The speed of the assessment, using minimal equipment, has the potential to result in significant cost savings compared to traditional methods, such as CCTV inspection’.

“It is a great boost to those of us who offer acoustic technologies to see this kind of endorsement and it is further evidence that SewerBatt ™ can deliver real benefits to those who need to survey the drain and sewer networks”.

“We are seeing more and more companies starting to evaluate this kind of technology for rapid 1st pass surveys, which in turn directs more traditional methods, such as CCTV, to where it is actually needed. The results for those who have already trialled SewerBatt ™ and are using it on an on-going basis are very impressive”.

“Greater efficiency coupled with significant cost savings are great incentives to move to this more modern way of working”.

“We are happy to offer advice to those who want to consider this kind of technology and to gain a greater understanding of how it works and of course the many benefits”.

The full EPA report can be downloaded here

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