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Going Underground

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Acoustic Sensing Director of Technology Richard Long recently met with London Underground Pumps and Drainage Division and contractor Lanes (Rail) at Rayners Lane station in West London to conduct the latest trail using Sewerbatt ™.

The busy nature of the London Underground means that the amount of time available each day to survey trackside drainage is very limited, so a quicker solution than using CCTV to survey the entirety of the drains network was the key motivation for conducting the trial.

On the night of the trial access to the track was available for just two hours from 2am with the electrics switched off for the same limited period. The target was to survey 150 metres of trackside drainage using CCTV and to assess how much more could be achieved using Sewerbatt ™ as the first pass survey vehicle enabling the more cumbersome and more expensive CCTV to be used only where further investigation was required.

The result of the trials demonstrated that an increase of 50% in the length of pipes surveyed could be achieved by working this way and London Underground are also looking at using the system to monitor the rate of deterioration in the serviceability of the pipes to avoid repeat events or unforeseen collapses.

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