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London Underground is currently operating a good service on all lines

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

We have all been at London Underground stations and heard these words – what we generally can’t appreciate is just what it takes to keep the lines running as efficiently as they do.

Among the many maintenance tasks carried out to keep the underground running at optimum efficiency is the surveying of its drainage network, and with maintenance windows for trackside engineers being extremely tight each night, efficiency is paramount.

This is why London Underground has chosen Acoustic Sensing Technology to deploy its rapid survey and diagnostic system – SewerBatt ™ – that can more accurately assess drainage serviceability far quicker than with traditional methods, such as CCTV.

Results have been highly impressive. For London Underground, Fouad Loughreit commented “With less than two hours per night to survey our drains, we simply were not able to cover enough of the network effectively by using traditional methods. It was taking too long and costing a significant amount of money, just to identify that a high proportion of the network was perfectly serviceable in the first place. We decided that we had to lift the whole operation to a new level”.

“Acoustic Sensing Technology has helped us achieve that, and with the SewerBatt ™ technology the situation is now entirely different and exactly what we needed – it has been a game changer. On average we are now surveying over 300 metres of pipe per hour; with results showing that over 58% of our drains need no further attention whatsoever”.

“The immediate benefits are two-fold. Firstly, we are surveying much more of our network with no increase in costs and secondly, we are finding issues which do require attention far more quickly – enabling us to deal with them effectively before they could disrupt passenger services”.

The work being undertaken on the London Underground is a great exercise from the point of view of Acoustic Sensing Technology. Business Development Director Dave Cockerill believes it is the perfect showcase for SewerBatt ™: “When you consider all the factors in using SewerBatt ™ on the London Underground, it is the perfect example for the deployment effectiveness of our technology – not only are we underground with all the issues that brings for trackside access, locating of drains, man- hole covers and other unforeseen accessibility issues; but we have the tightest of maintenance windows to contend with too”.

“Our technology platform has also enabled the collection of strategically important data to London Underground relating to potential future network events and performance issues. As part of the service, we are analysing the data on their behalf, using our specialist staff to monitor the surveys and feedback the results so that London Underground can direct their crews where they really need them – fast”.

“We can also take pride in the fact that our ongoing work on the London Underground is helping to deliver benefits not only to our customer but also ultimately to the commuters of London, by helping to ensure that good services are indeed maintained at all times”.

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