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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology

Digital Signal Processing Engineer / Scientist

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016
Role: Digital Signal Processing Engineer / Scientist
Salary: Competitive package for the right candidate.
Contract Type: Permanent or Temporary
Where will I be working? Thames Valley
What will I be doing? ·Analysis of the acoustic data library to identify opportunities to improve existing algorithms or develop new ones.

·Developing and managing an existing suite of signal processing algorithms.

·Prototype new signal processing algorithms and evolve them into commercial applications.

·Work with Product Engineers to maintain and improve the quality of the acoustic data collected.

·Maintain an understanding of how the outputs from the algorithm will be used by clients.

·Horizon scanning for new DSP techniques and different applications in other industries through links with academia and involvement with interest groups.

·Inform the ongoing hardware and software development Roadmaps.

Do I have what it takes?


·More than 5 years of DSP experience and ideally working acoustic signals.

·Proven capability to develop new algorithms from concept, pilot to commercial application.

·An existing network of academic contacts and technical experts that can be utilised to identify future developments of DPS.

·Advanced Matlab or R programming expertise.

·Capability to utilise the Machine Learning functionality within Microsoft AZURE platform, but this is a desirable skill.

·C#, R, Python or Java programming capability, but this is a desirable skill.

·MSc or Phd in Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or similar field with strong DSP content.

·A desire to make a positive difference.

·The ability to work in the UK.

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