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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology

SewerBatt™ Vision

The Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule exists in most industries and the drainage industry is no different: 80% of the problems occurring on 20% of the network. The challenge is finding the 80% of the millions of metres of drainage that are serviceable and the 20% that require attention, with the most efficient use of costly resources.

SewerBatt™ technology utilisation is a rapid and accurate way of assessing the serviceability of drains, sewers and other pipe networks. The data output from the serviceability assessment is then used to avoid wasted operational expenditure by efficiently targeting CCTV surveys and sewer cleansing at pipes that have failed or have a high probability of failure, and to more precisely predict future capital programme needs.

To achieve these objectives in a way that maximises value for underground asset owners, Acoustic Sensing Technology has developed the SewerBatt™ Vision – a cloud based platform that uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology to collect, store and interrogate SewerBatt™ survey data.

The SewerBatt™ Vision analytical capability enables survey results to be communicated to key decision makers and operational staff in near real-time, and removes the existence of any information ‘silos’ to allow important, targeted information to be distributed more effectively to key individuals across an organisation- enabling and enhancing improved decision making across operations, capital works and finance departments.

The operating platform of the SewerBatt™ Vision also contains a machine learning capability which greatly improves strategic level decision making – allowing changes to be monitored over time and, ultimately, allowing the entire network serviceability to be predicted and operational or capital works remedial action to be programmed and completed before an event occurs.

The ultimate purpose of SewerBatt™ Vision is to apply the right resources in the right place and at the right time, and to ensure the drainage network operates in a way that meets all key stakeholder expectations and avoids major disruption or pollution events.

Key benefits:

  • Survey outputs available near real time
  • Transparent performance data to support rapid and targeted decision making
  • Enables significant efficiency gains on deployed resources such as maintenance teams by directing them only where they are needed
  • Monitors the condition and performance of your network over time and enables ‘hotspot’ identification
  • Enables greatly improved prediction of disruptive or harmful flood or pollution incidents before they happen
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