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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology

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Using state of the art sonar techniques, Acoustic Sensing Technology’s innovations in survey technology and data analytics are changing the way millions of kilometres of pipe network infrastructures are kept fit for purpose.

With the majority of problems in buried pipes actually occurring in only 20% of drainage and sewer networks, the challenge is to find those hotspot areas most in need of attention as quickly as possible.

Acoustic Sensing Technology’s innovative product range provides highly effective solutions to enable those charged with the upkeep and maintenance of the nation’s drain and sewer networks to undertake rapid surveys of their buried pipe infrastructure far more quickly than by using traditional methods, such as CCTV.

Their range of highly specialised hardware, software and data analytics products are designed to help infrastructure owners save money and create value by thinking differently about how they manage their resources to cope with the impacts of increased flood, pollution and blockage issues and invest in their assets in the future to minimise such impacts.

Information captured from the field is then processed and analysed on SewerBatt™ Vision, a state of the art Microsoft Azure cloud platform, developed specifically for the Acoustic Sensing Technology product range.

SewerBatt™ Vision, enables a clear visualisation of individual asset performance and helps to deliver far more rapid and accurate information for investment decision making for those assets that require it.

As such, Acoustic Sensing Technology’s products deliver significantly tangible and easily measurable financial and strategic benefits for those in the water, rail, and highways sectors – with outstanding operational efficiency savings, near and long term financial cost savings, better resource planning, and ultimately much better customer service and regulatory performance.

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