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Did you put the Turkey fat down the drains?

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

It might be one of the more offbeat email headers you have received, but there is a serious point.

Without thinking about it most of us simply put the fat from our Christmas Turkey’s down the drain; it is the worst thing we can do, statistics show that there is a significant increase in blockages reported in the drains network during this period. *

This year the issue of blocked drains has been much more prevalent of course with the excessive flooding across the UK and Ireland which we have all witnessed on the TV, and in many cases personally, drawing our attention to the problem.

It brings home again the need for better management of drains and sewers, and especially the need for a consistent pro-active approach to their upkeep.

It is imperative that those charged with the upkeep of our drains and our sewer networks know that there are ways for them to be able to rapidly assess the serviceability of the pipe systems and that they are able to prioritise where more extensive investigation and action is required by having meaningful data made available to them as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Through the use of SewerBatt ™ this is certainly achievable and more expensive CCTV resources can be directed to where they are actually needed.

An on-going programme of pro-active maintenance during the winter months would certainly be a very positive step forward for the whole industry, and savings made through this approach could be re-invested elsewhere in the process to deliver a better overall service.

It may be that this year has been an exceptionally bad year in terms of the inability of our drains to cope with what nature has thrown at them, but we must all do our bit to ensure that there are no unnecessary and avoidable blockages in the future.

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*Fat, Oil and Grease – or FOG as they are collectively referred to is a major issue and one which the water and sewerage companies in the UK are campaigning heavily to raise awareness about.  It is a problem not just in residential applications but also in the commercial sector where there are pilot initiatives between companies such as Severn Trent Water and McDonalds.

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