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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology


Our experience shows that anywhere between 30 & 60% of pipes are perfectly serviceable. This means that more costly CCTV & Cleaning resources can be directed at the remaining portion that actually need them.

SewerBatt ™ delivers significant cost benefits by acting as a ‘first pass’ survey tool to identify areas which require ‘jetting’ without the need to engage more expensive CCTV.

SewerBatt ™ is quick and easy in use and can survey up-to 100m of pipe in just 3 minutes delivering significant cost benefits and time savings for maintenance teams.

The use of CCTV to investigate detailed obstructions or blockages becomes more focussed as a consequence of using SewerBatt ™.

It is ideally suited for contractors and maintenance teams needing to make full and effective use of limited maintenance windows to deliver customer service.

“With CCTV we need to switch off the overhead power lines which reduce the time available each night.  This is not needed with SewerBatt™ and it is a lot quicker as well, so we expect to cover longer distances and make savings on our planned drainage programme” – Scottish Rail Drainage Asset Engineer, Razia Mohammed

Quicker identification and analysis of pipe serviceability enables more efficient servicing of the sewer or drains network and helps to identify areas susceptible to collapse or pollution incidents much earlier.

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