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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology

Drain and Sewer Surveying

Drain and Sewer surveying are critical pre-requisites for the maintenance and upkeep of sewer and drain networks across all types of infrastructure projects. SewerBatt ™ provides accurate data for immediate on-site analysis and data is also recorded and stored for cross referencing against future surveys to identify and compare deterioration and pipe condition.


Using a ‘traffic light’ theory data can be categorised into five levels representing green, amber, and red.

Levels 1 and 2 two represent ‘green’ and indicate that the drain or sewer is fully serviceable and no further investigation is required.

Level 3 represents ‘amber’ and indicates that there may be very moderate defects and that further investigation should be scheduled in the following 3-6 months.

Levels 4 and 5 represent ‘red’ and that a drain or sewer has a blockage of over 20% of its diameter, and requires immediate action/further investigation.  Ideally these pipes should be jetted immediately and then re-assessed using SewerBatt ™ to see if the blockage has cleared and the pipe has returned to ‘green’ status.  If not CCTV should be utilised.

Immediate access to survey data enables instant on site decision making enabling cost effective use of management and operative time and maintenance windows.

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