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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology

SewerBatt™ at East Gippsland Water

Monday, November 14th, 2016

The innovative sonic SewerBatt™ has been successfully deployed at leading Victorian Water Utility East Gippsland Water (EGW) after provision of a SewerBatt™ unit and training support by UVS Trenchless.

Eduardo Santos, GM Trenchless Technology, said that a number of trials were conducted by EGW leading to the acquisition of a SewerBatt™ unit in June 2016. Eduardo said that it was to be expected that utilities will need to conduct trials to determine that new technologies like SewerBatt™ are suitable for application in their waste water and storm water networks.

“SewerBatt™ technology provides new options for condition assessment of pipeline networks,” said Eddie, “CCTV is limited to visual only inspections whereas SewerBatt™ provides objective digital data on the status of a pipeline by detecting blockages at the speed of sound.” With just one operator the SewerBatt™ unit can be used to quickly isolate clear, partially blocked or full-blocked pipelines.

“SewerBatt™ provides the opportunity to think differently about pipeline condition assessment,” said Eddie, “A strong application for SewerBatt™ is to quickly identify the clear pipelines so that CCTV inspection of these lines is not required and CCTV, jetting and other assets can be focussed on the blocked and problem pipelines.”

EGW has reported that they are enjoying the application of SewerBatt™ and enjoying the reduced costs for pipeline condition assessment. EGW Systems Support and Work Scheduler, Steven Mowat said, “SewerBatt™ is going well and has identified several issues in our network that require attention.”

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