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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology

SewerBatt™ sees Network Rail Scotland achieve time and cost savings on trackside maintenance

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Trackside engineers know only too well that poor trackside drainage can cause a host of practical problems – track bed movement, rail distortion, even disruption to services – which can lead to big maintenance headaches and costly engineering work.

The SewerBatt™ from Acoustic Sensing Technology offers a cost effective and practical solution to enable rail engineers to mitigate much of the cost and most of the problems they might face when problems with drainage arise.

Just like a bat, the latest technology analyses acoustic reflections to map out what is in front of it, identifying blockages and other obstructions in the drainage system.

Being lightweight and portable, trackside access for SewerBatt ™ is quick and easy enabling maintenance windows to be fully and effectively utilised.  Designed to act as a first phase operation prior to commissioning CCTV SewerBatt ™ can be up to 95% quicker in operation, and one person can quickly survey large distances.  More costly and time consuming CCTV or jetting work only needs to be called upon where issues have already been identified.

Network Rail Scotland recently purchased SewerBatt™ to help establish their drainage systems service condition in first pass surveys, which would normally require at least 13 weeks lead-in time for possession and isolation planning and to engage CCTV teams.   With no need to do this, the process can be achieved much more quickly and without the need for isolation.

Drainage Asset Engineer, Razia Mohammed, says that, “with CCTV we need to switch off the overhead power lines which reduce the time available each night.  This is not needed with SewerBatt™ and it is a lot quicker as well, so we expect to cover longer distances and make savings on our planned drainage programme”.

Additional savings can be achieved by using the SewerBatt ™ to check that any subsequent jetting has completely removed blockages and not just restored some visible flow.

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