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SewerBatt™ from acoustic sensing technology


  • Within 30 seconds the system’s software analyses the data from each length of pipe and provides a simple assessment of its condition into green, amber or red coding.  33% of all surveys are immediately coming back green.  A CCTV survey costs significantly more than a SewerBatt ™ survey, and previously all of that 33% would have been surveyed using the traditional technology.

    Dean Hansford,
    Project Manager Lanes For Drains
  • SewerBatt ™ has significant benefits in terms of improving the overall operational efficiency and sustainability of our underground investigations.  It allows us to identify blockage and pollution issues in drainage assets much more quickly than with traditional methods.

    It provides a more cost effective solution to pro-active management of the sewer system, through what is a quick and easy condition assessment technique. Faster, more energy-efficient and more effective responses to key environmental issues make this a powerful new tool for improving the sustainability of drainage services and systems.

    Conrad Ashby,
    Managing Director Lanes For Drains
  • “A clear winner in my eyes”

    Simeon Turner,
    Project Manager Yorkshire Water
  • “Sewerbatt ™ can tell us if a sewer is silted up, through the percentage displayed on the graph. We can then jet to clean the pipe reducing the risk of further chokes”

    Brian Fraser,
    Sewer Response Scottish Water
  • “Sewerbatt ™ is a phenomenal technology”

    Piers Clark,
    Commercial Director Thames Water
  • “The potential benefits fo Sewerbatt ™ for Yorkshire Water are to allow us to build on our existing surveying of the sewer network to help proactively reduce the number of escapes from the sewer network which either affect our customers or the environment”

    Patrick Killgallon,
    Contract Manager Yorkshire Water
  • “With CCTV we need to switch off the overhead power lines which reduce the time available each night. This is not needed with SewerBatt™ and it is a lot quicker as well, so we expect to cover longer distances and make savings on our planned drainage programme”

    Razia Mohammed,
    Asset Engineer Scottish Rail Drainage
  • “This is a very impressive system, easy to use, and reduces catch pit entry. Very good if you are after a quick solution to possible collapses in the various runs”

    Aaron Turner,
    Managing Director UKDN Waterflow
  • “It only takes a few minutes to establish an acoustic profile, making it much more efficient and cost effective compared to lengthy CCTV inspections”

    Michael Welk,
    Senior Engineer Goulburn Valley Water
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